Letter To A Friend


We’ve exchanged countless words thus far in the story that is us. Words that are crafted so surreal, so dreamlike that I have to wonder who I am to be given the chance to be a recipient of their elegant exchange. But even more so than the words, do I hold dear to me the emotions that they cause to twinkle amidst the firing synapses in my brain. For you have caused me to feel in myself what I will spend the rest of my life searching for; comfort. And I know that sounds simple enough to hold, but something this simple must be elusive. I may touch it with my fingers, but I may never wrap them around it, not until I can envelop my hands around your thoughts entirely. For your thoughts are always the answer to my own. And though the illusion to me is that your thoughts are far superior, I am quite elated by the truth: that your thoughts are my own, simply weaved by a contrasting perspective.

You are a vital organ in the body that is my life, and I want to share with you all that is important & inspiring to me. Whether it be art or idea, abstract or absolute, angelic or hellish, I want to show you these importances through my eyes, and see them through yours. Some things rank higher on this scale of importance to me than others, and these I am always eager to share the most. The two books associated with this letter are two of the most noteworthy books I’ve read thus far. Shown to me by my sister, they have moved us both in ways I could only ever dream of achieving in others. These are books I won’t share with simply anyone, only those who I believe will understand. And I believe you will understand.

As with life, the meanings I share with you in this letter can be found most in the silences between the words, where my literary dexterity falls far too short. As with writing, the meaning most found in life falls within the crevasses of silence, lost between the cracks of experience, where god speaks every word left unsaid to those willing to listen. In my life that is constructed as a hellish heaven, you play the role of an angelic demon, causing my heart to pump to the malignant rhythm of an arbitrary Love.

On this day of aligning stars, I am pleased that the stars that are us may align as well.

Infinitely yours,




~ by Jake Wilcocks on December 22, 2012.

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