Writers block

the pen has run dry

ink can’t make it to paper

im stuck creating all that ive created

so frustrating..

i found the lock but not the key

as soon as i do

art will flow through



my dreams will spill through



The faucet will leak

like new

like new

like brand new

then I can show you.

(what you don’t deserve to know)


~ by Jake Wilcocks on April 16, 2012.

5 Responses to “Writers block”

  1. 🙂 Keep a spare key then. Found this though Thursday Poets Rally. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I like the concept of your inspiration being a leaky faucet you hope will come back so you can show your reader what she/he doesn’t deserve to know – interesting!

  3. Good read and I have to say that sometimes my mind feels like a leaky faucet. Some days I can turn it on and all the words just flow through it so powerfully and I spend hours writing and other days it’s just a trickle and again I spend hours sitting in front of my lap top to write only one word here; one world there.
    Occasionally winter has come to my thoughts and has completely frozen the words in my brain pipe and no matter how I fiddle with the faucet, the words refuse to come. I have top wait for Spring to warm my mind so that the words begin to flow freely once again.
    Very well written. Good job. Be blessed.


  4. “I’ll show you what you don’t deserve to know” – how arrogant yet melodic

  5. I almost did not click on the link, thinking ho-hum, another poem about writer’s block.

    But what a nice job you have done with that topic, really branching out into what really seems to be underlying it for you! The leaky faucet being like new is such an unexpected turn of phrase, the last line giving away a bit more of what the feelings in the poem are really about. Good work!

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