The Dance Of Beliefs

Absolute truth is phi in nature. It is infinite; it has no beginning and no end. We humans are not born with any truth. We can not begin on a path which has no beginning, so we need a starting point. This start point is what creates our belief system, which is Fibonacci in nature, and will grow as you do infinitely closer to absolute truth without ever truly reaching it. In this life, we will all only hold beliefs. These beliefs are the core of our reality; of what we see in this world, and what we attract to us. I understand that I only have beliefs, and when I speak them they may not fit in with other’s beliefs. That is fine, for they are my beliefs, which form my reality, which I am happy in. It is also fine that others speak their beliefs that do not fit with me; I accept them as their beliefs and know that it shapes their reality, which they are happy in. What bothers me, though, is when people mistake their beliefs for absolute truth. I will not argue my point of view because I know it is only a belief, but some will fight tooth and nail for you to confirm their beliefs as absolute truths. They will not believe any other view, which is fine, but they also will not accept any other view. We need to accept one another’s beliefs in order to co-exist, knowing that none of us hold absolute truth… At least, this is what my experiences have led me to believe.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on April 14, 2012.

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