How Can One Conceive Peace When One’s Tragedy Is Another’s Pleasure?

We’ll part ways
You’ll continue on your superficial path.
Never truly digging into,
The world around you.

I’ll keep discovering,
Understanding & seeing more
Than your mind could ever

Maybe you’ll open your eyes,
One day
You’ll realize
how special of a being you truly are
and myself, as well.

My Tragedy,                           This Tragedy
is the result                             of reckless will
of your search                       of your lies
for pleasure                            of ties yet to sever
Our Tragedy                           Your Tragedy
sold our in lies                       Burned before your eyes
something that                      was deserving of visceral guidance
should have never               succumbed to this transgressor.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on April 14, 2012.

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