We are all in the same universe, so say hello!

Love is the energy of the universe, our natural harmony.When we connect with that infinite love that exists everywhere (starting within) we connect with the true level of our existence. We are spiritual beings although we have been lead to feel other wise. We were raised on fear, and you can feel the difference when you start to vibrate higher and higher, more so towards love. Of course, people will always have fearful emotions, but the key in these situations is to still act on an impulse of love. A perfect real life example of this… A few weeks ago I was at a look-out on top of a hill near a bridge in my town. I was with my friend Jason. We saw 4 people standing together about 10 feet away. We noticed under the arm of one man a horn of some sort. We wanted to go up and ask him what it was, to spark a conversation. But we were very nervous and scared too, talking to strangers usually isn’t too easy. But although we felt this fear of confrontation, we over came it and decided to talk to them. We walked up and immediately they opened their group and let us in, from a circle of 4 to 6. We started with the question of what was under the man’s arm. He explained it was a ram’s horn that they use in a prayer. That was just the start of a conversation that lead to spirituality, religion, one’s personal views on the world and our interpretations of our own journey. We had the feeling like we knew we were drawn to them for a reason, as if we had put them in our lives. All parties & individuals walked away feeling enriched from the conversation among us. They were happy to see such life and love in young men. We were happy to see older people who weren’t so ignorant and stuck in their ways. Although we all had our own views, we all accepted each others as well. You never know what it could lead to, the simple act of striking conversation. We need to more, it will enrich our lives and bring us together. Division and separations are mere illusions we all need to see past on our own. We all have something to say, and we all have interest in hearing others views. It can be simple and superficial or close to the core, but it is confronting another soul nonetheless. You never know what these other souls can show you, or what they’re willing to see. Connect with someone today, I promise you won’t regret it.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on April 10, 2012.

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