Vibrations & The World Around You

Every person has a vibration, or a frequency, that their self and their reality operate on. These vibrations are reflective of what you strongly believe is true for you, and will always be so. It is amazing to see what the power of love can do to these vibrations, and how love can shape your world in front of your very eyes.

The vibrations you give off are fundamentally based on your behaviours, emotions, and beliefs. Your behaviours are the choices you make. When you make a choice you have motivation behind that choice. Motivation is simple; you will always choose what you perceive to be the choice that is closest to pleasure, and furthest from pain. How you perceive this motivation, however, is based on your belief systems. What you believe, aware of it or not, is the core of shaping your reality. When you define something as pleasurable or painful, and change that belief, you will instantly change your motivation & your behaviour.

When these vibrations are given off your reality reflects them much like a mirror. If you want to see your reality smile, you know that you must smile first. You can not go to your reflection and try to make it smile while you are still frowning, if you smile, your reflection, your reality, has no choice but to smile back. When you operate on the frequency of fear, the way people are so much socialized to do, you lose touch with who you truly are. That love, that joy and excitement that we all feel from time to time, that is what our true vibrations are. People think love exists only between two points… But love is infinite as is Source. All is love. You think love can only be experienced between two? Love can be experienced within and outside your self. Love is everywhere, is it all around you, It is a way of life, your true natural vibrations! I never understood what Bill was talking about when he said “It’s just a choice, between fear, & love”, until now. Living through the eyes of fear depressed me to the bottom, vibrating on such a low frequency I could have flat-lined. But over time, my eyes began to grow wider. Wider still they grow with each passing day, my awakening gaining momentum every moment. I begin to see my true reality, I begin to change, and I begin to become a co creator. Operating on the frequency of love, I could see my reality change from a negative, depressed world, to a beautiful world full of excitement and opportunities. I began to meet new people, people that seemed to be there for a reason. It feels a lot of the movie Waking Life, how I talk to these characters like I’ve put them there. Meeting these people also reminds me of a feeling in my childhood. I felt like I had put people in my life for a reason. But I lost touch with that feeling as I grew socialized. Awakening now, I begin to recall… Not to fear confrontation, but embrace the connection that is between all of us. Your reality is a reflection of what you put out, the people in your reality will start to change as you do, the experiences you have, & your wealth in all aspects. As more people find love and rid themselves of acting on fear, the world will keep changing. The awakening will spread, it will gain speed, and there will come a day when the energy of love out weighs the energy of fear on our planet. That day; we’ve won.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on March 29, 2012.

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