Autumn Nostalgia

I still remember the day, when I looked true love in the eye and walked away.
And everything from that day on ceased to matter. I just wish I could go back, and change our paths forever…

Night after night I wrote endless lines to catch your mind…
Tonight I made the stars fall from the sky, and yet still, I have failed to catch your eye.

I still remember,
Walking through the halls
with my head held down,
No one would have ever thought
my attention could have been found.
I never believed in much,
my true wishes never pulled through,
and god ceased to be proved.
But there will always be that one girl.
The one that  the songs kept singing to me about
I believed in her the moment she whispered my name.

I remember when she said
“Love is a drug you shouldn’t play around with,
It’s the high that will save you,
Taking you above all heavens,
But it’s the comedown that will kill you,
Shattering the reality all around you.”

I’ll never forget those,
Countless hours spent writing about you.
More is never enough; the words, they never end.
You can not measure this love, yet my heart you’ve failed to have found.
There was a fork in the road, I still remember the moment I looked either way.
I should have listened to my intuition when it told me that I loved you,
Because time is a path you can’t turn around on.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on September 18, 2011.

32 Responses to “Autumn Nostalgia”

  1. love autumn and what it brings.
    rich and productive words.
    well done poetry.

  2. Bravo … second to last stanze, well done.

    Good stuff … 🙂

  3. amazing stuff…


  4. you gathered your thoughts well.. tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..

  5. Autumn is a great time of the year and when the leaves turn but I do love summer and this time of the year so much. I enjoyed this poem very much and happy picnic

  6. Wow! This is a fantastic, soul-searching write. Really lays the loss and angst at your feet and laments over it. Very nicely done.

  7. incredible piece.

    Thanks for sharing..

  8. “Time is a path you can’t turn around on.” Excellent writing!

  9. time heals all wounds.

  10. Broken hearted, not broken in spirit!

  11. Deep stuff… I can relate..

    Here’s me for this week:


  12. I especially like the verse that begins, “I remember when she said
    “Love is a drug …” That is a brilliant verse, my friend.


  13. it happens as such truthful memories and emotions expressed in sincere words -memories linger on and we think and write about them-some people are unforgettable

  14. I think we do indeed all have those loves that we failed to recognize when we saw them. I was fortunate enough to meet one of mine again later in life and we are now happily married 🙂 Great poem! Blessings, Terri

  15. Very well done!!

  16. Autumn always seems like a time for introspection and nostalgia. Great poem!

  17. Thanks for sharing this raw piece. I truly enjoyed it.
    Here’s my potluck piece:

  18. Nice poem. I’m totes distracted by the tatts 😉

  19. A very raw and straight ahead poem. The final line carries weight because of the matter of fact way that you get there. Here’s mine:

  20. If only walking away were that easy…good one..touched a chord

  21. this is so lovely

  22. Night after night I wrote endless lines to catch your mind…
    Tonight I made the stars fall from the sky, and yet still, I failed to catch your eye.

    These words echo after I have finished the poem. They remain with me.

  23. This is a really beautiful piece, love the last line especially

  24. To feel the longing for another and to express it so gracefully, this was a lovely poem

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  26. Yikes!

  27. Oh my gosh! This could almost pass for the second “chapter” or “reply” to one I just wrote called “blowing kisses to the sky”! this is awesome! Great read!

  28. profound…

  29. please spend time reading your peers, leave a comment to let us know after you are done a minimum 18 comments,

    Happy Rally.
    Thanks a ton for the beautiful entry and instant participation.


  30. Loved the last line and it is so true!

  31. This is too good..!
    and not corny at all,as i consider most of the poems on love to be.

  32. Again,this was awesome!

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