The First Poem I Ever Wrote

i have to be rude
so you get the point and go away
because nothing good will come if you stay
we were best friends
but that spelled the end
i can never talk to anyone the way i talked to you
i feel so alone now that we’re through
i felt alone when you were here
because i never had you close, or had you near
i wish i could whisper in your ear
and make you all mine, life would be fine
but i have to face reality
and know that this will never become actuallity
i wake up every morning so depressed
and i know its not your fault,
i just wish i could win your heart
i’m sorry for the words ive said
but your lack of love leaves me dead,
you left me broke and sick,
with this tick in my head.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on August 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “The First Poem I Ever Wrote”

  1. From this poem and others I can see that you have gone through a painful separation of some sort; and that you are a very unique person, misunderstood and not willing to conform to social trends…which, in my opinion, is a very admirable trait. But this kind of individuality can also bring a lot of anguish, yet your strength shows in your writing…you WILL pull through the difficult times, and you WILL find peace, no matter how much it feels like the world might as well end right now. Don’t back down!

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