You’re in my line of sight,
Almost within arms reach.
But yet, I have to say I miss you,
because to me you will never speak.

Maybe a glance from behind caged eyes,
But your heart, it does not walk free.
If we had the chance,
Who knows what could become of you and me.

I’m breaking out of my depression,
And starting to smile again.
Will you share a laugh with me, &
be real while they are all pretend?

I wonder how it would be.
If your smile could cure my ills,
Do your thoughts run wild, &
would your touch be my thrill?

I want to know just who you are
The thoughts you have &
how deep they go.

I’m ready for anything,
so tear down these walls &
give me a show.


~ by Jake Wilcocks on August 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “319”

  1. poetic and beautiful.


  2. hmmm a moment of wonder, wanting to know more, to get closer 😦

    Happy gooseberry day!!


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