Dear World,

I’ve had enough of their corporate betrayal. Please slaves, open your eyes. They have a gun to our head, but it doesn’t mean we still can’t win. They’re feeding us lies and they’re feeding us sin. They’re making us fat and killing us from within. We have to change our lifestyle, from greed of the dollar to need of the soul. And all of this could be fixed in just one “let-go”. Let-go of your fears and let-go of your beers. Fuck these TV’s and fuck these cell phones.. It’s all just seeding radiation into our bones. Let-go of the plastic and embrace the natural. Have some self-control and our life won’t be so viral. Forget your packaging and lose your dependencies. Find yourself and learn what it means to be free. They have all rights reserved on our body, mind, and soul. Controlling the message, their ignorance is getting a little old. But ignorance is bliss, and it’s the way of their world. Excuse my bitterness, but these disconnected fools have made my blood run cold…


~ by Jake Wilcocks on July 14, 2011.

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