A Poem From ’07

I wish i could go neutral,
turn off my mind.
because these black walls,
are coming down inside.

they wont stop whispering,
they’ll send me to my grave.
but they cant tell you,
how bad i need to be saved.

im sorry that im a pessimist,
its something i simply cannot change.
when im not here one day
its because you sent me insane.

ill drain my life from my wrists,
and everything i ever was before,
will fall, drip, collect,
as a puddle on the floor.

when i leave behind this world,
i wont miss anything but you.
i hope you tell all your friends
“i miss him too”

im sorry to leave you like this,
i know you’re going to be pissed..


~ by Jake Wilcocks on July 14, 2011.

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