Think For Yourself

I have enough knowledge in my mind to write for days. I can see the mechanics of society. I can see the elites controlling. I watch the people become socialized and conditioned to the point that their identities bleed with one another. They no longer stand apart in a crowd, as individuals, but rather they are a drunken whole. They are ignorant in their ways, always sustaining denial. If you are a real person they are quick to exclude you. They have walls up for a fucking reason, and they can’t afford to have people going around knocking them down. So where does this leave me, as someone seeking truth and wisdom, not materials and painkillers?  I need to learn how to apply this knowledge to achieve my hopes and dreams in this twisted world. This is where I need help. It’s hard to accomplish anything in this town because everyone is too busy getting fucked on oxycontin and stealing shit for their next fix to even give a fuck. Not to mention people here are all extrinsic, out of tact with their inner self. They suppress and destroy the spirit, completely unaware of its existence. They wander aimlessly like zombies for their masters. I’m not taken seriously when I express my true inner desires. This town has nothing for me. My perspective is wider than this whole town, and I need out. It is suffocating me and suppressing my spirit. It is destroying me mentally and physically, body mind and soul. It is hard to be holy when everyone around me is constantly sinning. I understand that standing against the current will come with resistance, but I believe I am strong enough to hold my ground. Yes, it is true that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. But before you go off like a right-winged bastard will, make sure that they are YOUR OWN beliefs that you’ve gained through wisdom & experience, not beliefs that come from secondhand knowledge passed on through media. You all need to learn to wake up! Snap out of this hypnotized state the masses have put you in! Identify yourself, your spirit, and your true inner needs. You will come to find we don’t need any of this! It is all a lie, a curtain, a veil over reality! You think you know what it means to be Alive?… Of course not. You are only willing to die, and that’s exactly how they want you! Desperate, desensitized, & ignorant!


~ by Jake Wilcocks on July 10, 2011.

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